What tablet to buy as a Christmas gift?

What tablet to buy as a Christmas gift?

Tablets have been one of the most popular Christmas gifts for several years. They are definitely cheaper than computers, provide greater possibilities than smartphones, and in many cases can successfully replace any of these devices. When will the tablet be a good gift idea? What should we pay attention to when buying? Which models are worth buying with a certain budget?


This is the basic question we should ask ourselves when considering whether a tablet is the right gift for a specific person. Devices of this type can be used for browsing the Internet, checking e-mail, reading books, listening to music, or as. More advanced users can also use tablets for work, processing photos or videos. So before we decide to buy a specific model, it is good to at least initially find out what the device you want to donate is for.


Each tablet is characterized by specific parameters that determine its power, functionality and performance. The most important criteria that must be considered when comparing individual tablet models are:


This is a parameter that determines the image quality. The larger the screen, the more details it displays. Unfortunately, as the screen diagonal increases, the price of the tablet usually also increases. The most optimal screen size of a device that can be purchased at an affordable price is 7 inches. 10 inch tablets provide better picture quality, but many people find them less handy and more problematic to transport.


Most tablets run on Android or iOS. It’s best not to consider other systems at all. The choice between the two most popular software variants is largely a matter of individual preferences and habits. However, it is worth bearing in mind that for most Polish users, Android is a much better known and more intuitive system. The huge number of Polish applications available for Android also speaks in its favor. On the other hand, iOS works very well with other Apple devices. It also surpasses Android in terms of safe use and resistance to hacker attacks. So if we are looking for a tablet for a device enthusiast marked with a bitten apple or someone oversensitive about security, the iOS model will be a great choice. However, you have to take into account that in terms of price, it will certainly exceed Android devices.


The processor is the most important element of the tablet. Its performance determines the speed of data processing by the device, and thus the smoothness of its operation. Tablets with the latest processors usually cost a lot, but it is worth remembering that the release date should by no means be the primary criterion for choosing a processor. Its efficiency is much more important. We should remember that a too weak processor spoils the entire pleasure of using the tablet and often prevents the use of certain games or applications. Currently, the most popular are quad-core processors and this is what you should look for when looking for a suitable tablet as a gift.


This is another important element that determines the smooth operation of the tablet. The more RAM, the more applications can be open on the tablet simultaneously without disrupting its operation. Therefore, it is best to choose a model with as much memory as possible and within the budget we have. The minimum memory required for smooth, smooth operation of most applications is 2 GB.


Battery capacity is especially important for people who will often use the tablet outdoors. The better the battery, the longer the device can work without having to connect it to a charger. The minimum battery life that is worth considering when comparing individual models is 8 hours. A shorter period of work will not work for a tablet, which is by definition a mobile device, and therefore designed to work in various places, often without access to a charger.


Tablets may have a number of additional functions that facilitate adapting the device to the needs of a specific user. If, for example, we want the tablet to have a phone call function in addition to browsing the Internet and running applications, make sure that the selected model has a SIM card slot. If the person to whom we want to buy the tablet often uses the Internet, we should check whether the selected model can connect to the 3G or 4G network. However, if the tablet is to be used by the whole family, it is worth paying attention to the device that can work in children’s mode. These settings allow you to block certain tablet functions and access to certain files. In this way, you can easily make the tablet available to your child to play, without fear that it will delete some important files or use the Internet without our control.


In addition to the above-mentioned parameters and functions of tablets, the budget we have at our disposal is also very important when choosing a specific model. The price of the device depends primarily on the parameters mentioned above. Fortunately, the popularity of tablets has dropped somewhat recently, and with it, the prices of the equipment have also fallen. Thanks to this, without spending a fortune, we can buy a decent tablet with extensive functions as a gift. Below are recommended models in different price ranges.


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