What is real KSI phone number 2021

KSI women are educated, responsible and competent – that’s for sure. They run international projects, manage hundreds of people and budgets of millions. Nevertheless, in management and supervisory boards, if they are found, they constitute a small percentage.

In Norway, as the first country in the world, 9 years ago women were legally guaranteed 40 percent. places on supervisory boards of public KSI phone number. Originally, the regulation concerned 460 state-owned KSI phone number. Two years later, it was extended to include private KSI phone number. The regulation states precisely that representatives of each sex are guaranteed min. 40 percent seats on supervisory boards with at least 9 members. Thus, it prevents discrimination against each sex. After all, there are typically feKSI phone number KSI phone number, where ladies dominate at every level. The new law evoked a lot of emotions, but today no one denies the sense of its introduction.

KSI phone number INDUSTRIES?

Does a similar law exist in Poland? The answer is simple, but not obvious. Women in our country are professionally active and can be seen practically at every level, although it is rarely the highest level. There are industries in which they are present, although they have no chance to enter the management board or supervisory board. One of the largest KSI IT KSI phone number (subject to anonymity) admitted that the supervisory board and the management board consist of 100 percent. with men. Women work – they are very effective, run IT projects, are IT specialists, but due to the fact that the company is dominated by men, none of the ladies is even on the supervisory board.

Reason? </ strong> is a KSI phone number industry and, despite the fact that 20 percent. of those employed are women, neither has a chance for a higher position. Fortunately, there are also positive examples. After all, the fuel industry is a KSI phone number branch, yet it is managed by Grażyna Piotrowska-Oliwa. He heads the four-person management board of the company, thus accounting for 25 percent. its composition. On the other hand, there are three women out of nine members of the company’s supervisory board. It is not so good in another company in this industry. In Orlen, guys reign -100 percent. management board and 80 percent the board is men. In the energy sector, there is also one woman on the management board of PSE Operator for four people. Worse still in the supervisory board – there is not a single woman out of seven people.

What does it mean that the parity will come true? I would consider the pros and cons of such a solution. One of the benefits could be the fact that it would be easier for women to be promoted, because there would be a place for them (for our gender). It would be interesting to study how promotion within quotas affects a woman’s self-confidence and self-confidence. Doesn’t it take away the feeling that she herself has achieved this success? That it was in a way given to her because of her gender? Ladies have great strength in them, we give birth to children, we care for our homes, for our loved ones. If we really want something, we will find a way to do it, regardless of external circumstances.

What is real KSI phone number 2021

On the other hand, if a competent, self-confident woman cannot be promoted because a man is usually elected to a higher position, then perhaps parities would even out the chances. Instead of quotas, I would focus on the constant education of women and raising their self-awareness, building self-esteem, thanks to which they will first and foremost believe in their abilities. Thanks to this, they will find a way to go wherever they want to: promote, manage important projects, participate in the work of company management boards.


In turn, banking, if you look at the lists of management and supervisory boards, can be described as KSI phone number. However, when we take into account the employment structure by gender, it turns out that nearly 70 percent of employees are women.

The perception that banking is a typically KSI phone number area is a myth. In Pekao, most of the employees are ladies. They are great experts, they impress with wide substantive knowledge and they present excellent analytical and technical skills. They effectively manage customer relations, both retail and with the largest KSI KSI phone number. They are also valued managers, often managing teams of several hundred people. The example of our bank shows that women are great at working with numbers and in managerial positions – says Przemysław Stalica, director of the Human Resource Development Department at Pekao. He also claims that at his bank the basis is that all employees are equal and have the same career opportunities. Competences, skills and knowledge are what count most, not gender.

What is real KSI phone number 2021

Despite the fact that 65.5 percent of management positions at Bank Pekao. there are women on the board, there is not a single one on the board. It is similar in other banks. At BZ WBK, 100% of the management board and supervisory board. consists of men. There is not a single woman on the management board at Multibank, there is one woman on the supervisory board. At BPH, the situation is a bit better: there is one woman in every seven people on the management board, and three out of every ten on the supervisory board. It turns out, however, that men are also in the lead in the company created by a woman for women. Dr Irena Eris is managed by Henryk Orfinger, and only 33 percent of the six-person supervisory board. (there are only two).


In Kompania Piwowarska, women account for over 27% of the total population. managerial staff. Currently, there is one lady in the management board of KP – vice president for sales – which constitutes 16 percent. in the structure of the entire management board. The company controls the data on this aspect of the company’s operations. Diversity issues at KP and other SABMiller Group breweries are collected and reported in a special sustainable development matrix in the Human Rights area. Reporting is carried out on a semi-annual basis, with the results at the end of the budget year being reported and published in the KP sustainable development report. The most feminized departments include: marketing, personnel, corporate affairs. The company is a signatory to the so-called Diversity Charter – an international initiative supported by the European Commission and implemented in EU countries.

What is real KSI phone number 2021

It is a written commitment of the organization to implement effective solutions for the development of the policy of equal treatment and diversity management in the workplace and their dissemination among KSI phone number and social partners . The KSI version of the Diversity Charter was created thanks to the involvement of the Responsible KSI phone number Forum Association, and the honorary patronage was assumed by Minister Agnieszka Kozłowska-Rajewicz, government plenipotentiary for equal treatment, and prof. Irena Lipowicz, Ombudsman. – The document goes beyond the provisions of the KSI Labor Code and the so-called of the equality act, obliging the signatories to introduce anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination monitoring, appoint a person or team coordinating diversity management in the organization, cyclical education of all people employed in the company, and finally reporting on actions taken and their results. It is worth emphasizing that Kompania Piwowarska, by showing the broadly understood social responsibility, cares about respecting human rights not only within its own organization, but also in the entire value chain – claims Katarzyna Wilczewska, public affairs manager at Kompania Piwowarska. In her opinion, the percentage of women in the management board and in senior management positions exceeds the SABMiller Group average. Hiring managers receive training in diversity management. For this budget year, training on participation and diversity is planned for all KP employees. A diversity council will also be established soon.

Women work in rank and file positions, often managing hundreds of people, budgets in the millions or international projects. Everyone agrees that they are appreciated. On the boards, however, they are like medicine. Does that mean they are less competent? But does the glass ceiling really exist? The very idea of ​​introducing parity means that more and more KSI phone number are verifying their policy in this area. Its introduction will certainly contribute to the thought-out and ordering of activities.

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