Smart home with iPhone 7 Plus – how to create it?

Smart home with iPhone 7 Plus – how to create it?

A dozen years ago, operating all home devices with one click seemed a distant and unreal vision. Today, we can come across smart homes more and more often. Using the iPhone 7 Plus, we can turn off the light, close the door, turn on the audio equipment, etc. How does this system work and is it worth choosing?

The process of preparing the house to introduce amenities should start with planning. Our capabilities will largely depend on what devices we choose. The manufacturers’ offer includes: locks, lighting, switches and power strips. Of course, before buying, we should make sure that the selected products work with the HomeKit application – this information should be on the packaging. Ours or the iPad should be updated to the latest version of iOS. Of course, before we start using the devices, we must configure each of them properly. By installing, for example, light bulbs, we can specify their locations and group them with others.

Smart home management will only be possible when one of the Apple devices is permanently inside. Thanks to this, we will be able to control individual elements, even when outside the home. There are several products that can be used as an accessory hub: iPad, Apple TV 4 or 4K, and HomePod speaker. The configuration of each of these devices is a bit different. In the case of Apple TV, it is enough to log in to iCloud using the same AppleID as in the case of our iPhone. The HomePod is set up automatically. The iPad, on the other hand, requires you to select “this iPad is an accessory hub” in the settings in the home tab.

What do we gain by deciding to use smart home devices? It is a very functional solution. The range of available devices allows us to control every aspect of our home’s functioning. From lights to electronics to locks on doors and windows, we can influence them not only when we are at home, but also outside. Automation also gives us the ability to control, for example, room temperature or light intensity – its use as part of a smart home will primarily bring us savings. Safety is also an advantage of this solution. We can make sure that everything is in order in our house at any time, and we will also check the condition of closed doors and windows.

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