How to use popups on the website?

How to use popups on the website?

Popups are windows that pop up while on the website. Most often we associate them with persistent advertising – but you can use them in a much better way!

A customer who has placed certain products in his basket must be led to the completion of the transaction. But what can you do if he still hesitates?

A very common trick used by marketers is to set popup stoppers. The window is activated when the user decides to close the browser window (the arrow is pointing to X). The popup then includes content that is to convince him to finish the shopping: similar products, an additional discount.

You can also use the popup to promote current promotions, new products or blog content. The popup may appear in different circumstances depending on what will be promoted in the popup.

For example, if you have new products that you want to attract your potential customers to, the popup may appear as soon as you enter on the website or only after entering a specific category of products in the store.

Popups are also a great way to build a mailing database. It appears to the user staying on a given page after a certain period of time (or performing certain activities, e.g. going through x subpages). On the other hand, there are encouraging content along with an invitation to subscribe to the database.

An incentive can be discounts and rebate codes, but also unique content, guides or e-books related to the topic of the site.

Regardless of the purpose for which you want to use the popup, follow a few rules – thanks to your window you will not scare potential customers!

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