How to set up a website?

How to set up a website?

To set up a website you do not need to have large funds or commission a project to a specialized company creating websites. This solution is used by companies with large budgets that want to have every detail refined (e.g. online stores). For the needs of an ordinary user, a website based on a ready-made CMS or created via a website builder is enough. There are many free guides available on the web that will guide us step by step through the process of creating a website, thanks to which we will save time. One of the best guides is on the website. It is 100% free.

Start by buying a domain

To set up your own website, you need to have a domain name (name ending in: pl, com, biz, tv), and also hosting. When you come up with a name for your website, e.g. indicating the topic or your first and last name, you need to check if the domain is available. While setting up a website seems to be complicated, nothing could be more wrong. More and more companies offering domains and hosting help to connect a ready-made CMS to the domain and hosting. You can also use intuitive and free website builders that offer to create a website without hosting.

Choose a template and personalize it

When the formal matters are over, it’s time to personalize pages. How to choose the right template? If it is going to be a blog or portal, it is important that you have as many article suggestions as possible on the home page. If this is your portfolio, post a photo of yourself, information about what you do, customer testimonials and the types of cooperation available. At this stage, you choose the font color, positioning of entries, menus, as well as plugins, e.g. for referring to social media.

Add content

Finally, it’s time to add content regularly. This will positively affect the positioning of the website on the web, attract new users, allow you to build your authority and the position of an expert. Optimize your content for SEO and make sure your articles contain keywords specific to your business that you can check in the free Google keyword planner.

How to create a website using the wizard?

With the website builder you can create your website in just a few minutes. All you need to do is reserve a domain, register with the chosen website builder, choose a template and personalize it. Pay attention to the design of the projects and the intuitive use of the wizard. The website should also have a mobile version, i.e. it should be loaded not only on a laptop, but also on smartphones and tablets. By entering the wizard page, you can read the tutorials that help you personalize your website. Website creators not only allow you to create a website under your own domain and with the purchase of hosting, but also to create a website completely free, but then ads are displayed on it. Is it worth setting up a free website? If you don’t know if you are motivated enough to blog regularly, you can test your idea for no cost. The list of tools that you can choose can be found, for example, on a blog:

Today you don’t have to spend months on designing a website or spend several thousand on it. Own website ceased to be a luxury available to the few. This way you can build a personal brand, expert position, run a profitable blog or your own online store.

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