How to send advertising mailing to companies?

How to send advertising mailing to companies?

In order for email marketing to be effective, you must first precisely define your target. You want to transfer your offer to other companies – so you need to think about: what industries do you care about the most? What area? How big companies will be interested in your offer? Which people will be decisive in terms of possible cooperation?

Where to get the contact database from?

If you want to refer yours, you must remember that you CANNOT just save in the database of e-mail addresses, which are generally available. Even if the address is on the website of the company you would like to reach with your offer, shipping without prior consent (even to addresses without names, such as!) Is simply illegal.

Don’t be discouraged: however, there are several ways to get a mailing database to start efficient shipping.

In order for the recipients you are interested in to subscribe to your mailing list, you need to give them what really interests them. You have to give them the ability to add to the base in every possible place. You also need to comply with the regulations (because you have surely heard the term “GDPR”?). Building a base from scratch continues, continues, takes … and you have to act!

Don’t even think of stupid ideas like buying a ready-made mailing list! Such a shipment can end up wrong in many ways; at best your recipients will consider you a SPAMER (and unfortunately they will be right …), at worst you will pay a very heavy fine if these contacts were obtained illegally.

Another (legal and safe) way is to send your own mailing via an external database. The very purchase of such a list is a violation of the law (because personal data is protected), but using the mailing service is not anymore (because the personal data itself is not shared with you).

Additionally: properly designed mailing for sending via the database an external one can help you build your own mailing list. Think about what the target audience might want from you. Give them a sample of it by getting them to sign up for you … and schedule a third party shipping today!

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