How to improve your English? My method of learning.

How to improve your English? My method of learning.

Learning English is not fun for everyone. Some are as resistant as steel. I do not know what it depends on. Some people find it easier, others the opposite. For years I have put a lot of work into language lessons. Even so, I have never been able to translate it into any skill before. For years I have been trying to improve my English. I think I’ve tried everything already.

Let’s start with the fact that I studied the language at school for many years. Yes, it gave me some grounds. Kali to eat, kali to drink. I thought I was standing still. English in theory – yes. In practice, it was much worse.

Grabbing the various methods of listening, memorizing and cramming I was gently moving forward. But when it came down to it, all my learning was splashed like a soap bubble.

I was afraid of going abroad. I did not respond to job offers that required knowledge of English. I did not lean out. Whenever I had the opportunity, I avoided contact with English like fire.

I understood a lot, but couldn’t say much. I always excused myself with the speech block. Sounds familiar? I know that there are hundreds of other people in a similar situation. I hope this article helps you to get started and act on your weaknesses.

I would like to briefly introduce the method that got me speaking fluent English. 

Let’s start with the fact that while taking another approach to home schooling, I decided to invest in professional support.

To start with, I did a good internet research. I made a list of methods that can help me in any way.

The result was clear, I need a good online English course.

I wrote down a list of things that are important to me:

– I want to learn at home

– I don’t want to cram words

– I don’t want to tire all grammar rules from scratch

– I don’t want to meet anyone face to face because I’m ashamed

– I want to be able to pay in installments

– it’s best if I can withdraw at any time

– I want to focus on my speech

– the price has to be bearable

When I was showing the list to my friends, everyone was knocking on the head. They joked that with this approach I would remain a linguistic cripple my whole life.

The right method is a recipe for success

Luckily they were wrong. I found an English course that was perfect for me. First, it met all my requirements (seriously). Secondly, it brought the effects I dreamed of. I started to feel much more confident.

, because that’s what my language secret is called, with a clear conscience I recommend it to anyone who has ever struggled with similar language problems.

What is it about this method?

Learning is based on speech. The student’s task is to talk to a computer which responds with the voice of a native speaker. Everything is based on carefully selected 2000 most important and popular English words. The sentences are fun, light and interesting. You learn grammar while speaking. The rules are becoming a habit. They cease to be a forged theory.

Lesson regularity

The interesting form of the course makes me happy to learn from several to several dozen minutes a day. It’s not necessary, but sometimes I just can’t stop. The following sentences draw you more and more.

When you succeed in something, the narrator praises your skills and motivates you to learn more. It works very positively for me. I don’t get discouraged when something goes wrong.

Whenever I have a spare moment, I fire up Speakingo, at least for a few lessons. I think I can safely say that I started to treat this course as a kind of educational entertainment. My approach certainly has a significant impact on the effects that I noticed after a few days of learning.

The most important thing is to adjust the frequency to your needs. After all, convenience is the main advantage of online English courses.

Lessons aren’t everything

It’s good when you start getting even deeper into the subject of language in addition to online learning. In addition to the lessons, I am happy to follow thematic articles that complement my knowledge. You can also find YouTube videos helpful. When you approach the topic comprehensively, you will start to absorb larger and larger areas of the material faster.

Don’t forget about repetitions

Remember, even when you’re doing great – no mercy . You cannot forget to repeat the material regularly. Go ahead and go back to the lessons you found difficult. Don’t let the words you had difficulty pronouncing get dumped somewhere at the bottom of your memory. Only by training regularly will you improve your skills. Learning a language is a process. Don’t forget to keep setting new goals for yourself.

Once you get into it, you won’t stop. The most important moment seems to be the decision that you want to change something.

The course I have described comes with a free test week. You can even start in a moment. After registering, you set your level of knowledge. You can change your skill level at any time when questions and answers are difficult for you. A great option that I have never come across before is adjusting the accuracy of speech recognition. Over time, you can devote more attention to improving your accent and fluency.

The course is entirely focused on improving your English speaking skills, which allows you to quickly break down our barriers. When we are not ashamed of our interlocutor and we do not feel embarrassed, learning ceases to be so burdensome and stressful for us. We are more pleased with the next lessons.

Moments of doubt

You may be less motivated sometimes. It is natural. In such moments, think about the effects that await you after each subsequent lesson. Set new goals for yourself. When you feel up to it, raise the bar.

You can also start mobilizing others, it also gives a kick. Myself, instead of trying to convince you to be right, I’m getting down to


A week ago, my IT friend recommended Speakingo to me, and it’s a really cool thing!


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