How to find a good domain?

How to find a good domain?

First: idea

The key to choosing a domain is the idea of ​​a name. There are two schools here: some choose a company name when they want to promote the brand, others choose a phrase that reflects the products or services offered. Each solution is good if it fits in with the further marketing and business strategy of the website. Ideally, the domain name should be as short as possible, easy to remember and be communicated in spoken language. It’s also better to avoid names that are very close to the competition, as mistakes in entering an address can fuel another company’s traffic.

Second: the domain search engine

Coming up with a domain name is however, only the first step. You still have to check the availability of the names you choose. The domain search engine (eg will be invaluable. Thanks to it, we will quickly verify which names can still be selected. Unfortunately, usually the most attractive domains are already taken, but you can look for variants. It is also best to use the services of a domain registrar, which has a very wide offer and also provides the latest domains. Thanks to this, we have a better chance of finding a web address that will be really suitable for us.

Third: domain history

Before we register domains, it is worth checking its past . You have to be aware that some of the domains used to function on the Internet, but they expired, and the owners, for some reason, were not interested in renewing them. Therefore, it is better to know which domain you decide on. It may turn out that a given domain, for example, has been banned by Google for spammy content, that its address may display content that may not suit us (e.g. pornographic). How to check domain history? Various tools can be used for this: (a website that displays copies of websites), (a lot of statistics about the domain and its history), (you can check the age of the domain), while at MajesticSEO it is worth analyzing the profile links of a given domain. Of course, these are just a few examples of tools, we can find many more on the Internet. Only when we make sure that the domain is all right, we should register it.


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