How to choose a printer? Purchasing guide


We present tips that will help you choose a printer for your needs. We advise which printer will work for home and which for the office. When is an inkjet printer better and when is a laser printer the better choice?

We advise when it is worth investing in a multifunction device and what to pay attention to in order to keep the operating costs of the printer at an economical level. You will learn in which applications information such as print speed, standard load and paper weight are important.

Inkjet or laser printer?

The first decision when purchasing a printer is the choice of printing technology. What to choose? Common opinion is that laser printers are better for printing text documents, while inkjet printers are best suited for printing graphics and photos. You can confidently follow such a division, but it is worth remembering about a few additional issues.

Or maybe a gel printer?

The third option is gel technology. Instead of traditional ink, a special gel is used. The advantage of this technology is primarily economy and the lack of blurry prints. The gel does not soak into the paper so deeply and dries faster. However, the number of available printers using this solution is currently modest. It is also associated with a higher initial purchase cost of such devices.


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What kind of printer for home?

In home conditions, an inkjet printer will be better for occasional printing of a small number of pages. With greater needs, e.g. printing a dozen or so pages a day, it is worth considering the purchase of a laser printer. It offers slightly faster prints and a lower cost of operation. If you’re not going to be printing photos and color graphics, a laser is the better option.

Should I choose a monochrome or a color printer?
This question is directly related to printing technology. Choosing a laser printer in most cases means purchasing a monochrome device. A color laser printer is significantly more expensive. In turn, inkjet printers will allow you to obtain color prints. So what printer will be better?
The answer depends on the purpose of the printer.

Inkjet home printer

When you buy a printer for your home, you most likely want a universal, cost-effective device. It is supposed to allow you to print plain text, color documents, graphics and, occasionally, photos. Therefore, an ink device is the best solution for this.

Laser printer for the office

In turn, in the office, efficiency and operating costs are more important. The vast majority of prints are black and white documents, and in this application the laser device will work much better. So if you do not expect color printing, choose a laser machine. In a situation where you need a universal device that will allow you to obtain a large number of both monochrome and color prints, a color laser printer will be the best solution.

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