How to choose a good laptop for work?

How to choose a good laptop for work?

Until recently, the main tool for office work was a desktop computer. It was considered a more reliable piece of equipment that ensures data security as well as fast and efficient operation. However, desktop computers were dethroned over time by laptops. To be successful, this change should be preceded by an appropriate diagnosis of the notebook’s capabilities. Not every laptop is suitable for office work. What should you pay attention to?

An office laptop, just like a gaming laptop or one dedicated to creating computer graphics, must meet certain requirements. There is no perfect, universal laptop that will work in all conditions. Different computers are designed for office work than those used mainly for games. What matters most?

Before we start thinking and talking about computer software, it is worth paying attention to its casing. An office laptop should be light and durable (e.g. the Inspiron series). The resistant casing is the basis for office work. Like a waterproof keyboard. If you think this is an exaggeration, how many times have you spilled your coffee on your desk? Durable plastic or metal are the best materials for an office laptop case. However, it is worth choosing lightweight models, because it often happens that a laptop for the office leaves the office with us. Its weight should not exceed 2 kg.

First of all, a full range of input / output sockets. The basis is of course USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, but that’s not all. It’s worth checking the HDMI or VGA ports. This solution is perfect for when you need to connect a larger screen to the projector. Presentation, brainstorming and other office tasks can be made very easy this way. Of course, an Ethernet input is necessary (although most of us already work on wifi). A memory card reader is also useful (found, among others, in Dell Inspirion laptops), which allows, for example, to easily download photos from the camera.

Of course, processor performance also counts when multitasking. The best solution here is the Intel Core i7 Mobile chip. It is worth paying attention to the U appearing at the end of the processor number. It is worth it to be there, because it is a sign of high energy efficiency of the processor.

The screen is most often 12.5, 13.3, or 14 inches. it is also available in the 15.6 and even 17.3 inch diagonal version. Such a larger screen means greater comfort of work. Like the anti-glare matte anti-glare coating. The resolution is usually 1920 × 1080, or Full HD.

A work laptop should not be based solely on HHD. An SSD is definitely a better choice, which guarantees reliability and faster operation of all equipment. Alternatively, if larger capacity counts for us, you can consider purchasing a laptop with an SSHD. The minimum memory is 8 GB RAM, although it is worth betting on models with slightly more memory. Thanks to it, you will be able to work freely with many open applications, which is often an absolute necessity in office work.

These are not necessary solutions, but are worth considering. A fingerprint reader, a touch screen or a backlit keyboard are solutions that increase the comfort of work, make it easier and at the same time make it safe. Especially the latter aspect is worth taking into account. Working with important documents that not everyone should have access to, requires proper security. Anyone working with other people’s details, financial records, etc. should consider this carefully.

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