How to check a forwarding company?

How to check a forwarding company?

At the very beginning, it is worth looking at a given entity in terms of how it is perceived by the external environment. Our first step should be to check the opinions of past and current customers. It is very simple, but extremely effective – a large number of websites are completely objective and do not allow entrepreneurs to interfere in moderating individual statements. This gives a very clear picture of what to expect when we sign a contract with a freight forwarder. It does not hurt to check the certificates obtained by a given company. If you are wondering why, we are already answering – it is a great indicator of how the company is perceived by the industry itself!

We would shoot that it would also be in your interest to check whether a given company it is solvent. Some may be surprised, but even large shipping companies often have problems with the appropriate financial situation or even current payments! Short-term difficulties may result from deferred payments, but a red light should flash in our head if we notice that they drag on for months or worse… years! But how to do it? You may not be aware of this, but quite a few of the biggest players in the market publish annual financial reports that give us a clear vision of how the company is doing.

You may not be aware of how it is easy to x-ray a given shipping company. Keeping in mind that this is just the tip of the iceberg, let us remember that we have powerful tools that give us a clear picture of whether the company we choose is worth attention. Failure to do so can be very costly – not only for our company’s finances, but also for its future!

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