G Suite – the best office suite for your business

G Suite – the best office suite for your business

The key to the success of any enterprise is proper organization of work. The efficient functioning of the company is a very important element in the process of building a positive image of our company. More and more organizations are looking for innovative solutions that will help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire team. To meet the expectations of customers, Google offers a high-class package of Internet services operating in the cloud – G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work). The platform includes a number of useful tools that facilitate group collaboration. Here are some useful applications that are part of G Suite.


The business version of Gmail has numerous anti-spam filters , thanks to which we will keep our inbox in order. Compared to the free version, the mail does not contain advertising and spam, which can be annoying for employees and distracting attention while working.

With this service, we can easily manage personal, company or team calendars. The application allows you to quickly organize meetings with other users and to check information about their availability. In addition, it allows us to plan the use of rooms by checking the details of their booking.

One of the features of this application is the ability to collaborate with other team members on one document. We can observe the changes introduced by them in real time. What’s more, we have full control over who gets permission to edit and view the files we create.

The application allows you to easily organize video meetings from anywhere. In addition, the integration with the calendar allows you to efficiently schedule meetings, display important information and quickly join the conference. The service allows for easy collaboration and building positive relationships with other team members wherever they are.

Thanks to this service, our data is kept in a safe place. The drive allows you to store team documents in separate, easily manageable places. Thanks to it, each user can have access to current information. An additional advantage is the unlimited space for data and highlighting important information that may be relevant.

One of the most important functions of this application is creating surveys in a creative way that will allow you to easily contact the customer and obtain valuable information. We can easily share the forms with others and analyze their results together. Such a solution saves a lot of valuable time.

depends mainly on the package we want to choose. We have three versions: Basic, in which each user receives 30 GB of data space, the cost is 4 Euro per user per month or 40 per year. Another one is Business, which gives unlimited space and an archiving service (8 Euro per month or 96 per year). The last Enterprise provides additional options (23 Euro per month or 276 per year). The price of a G Suite package depends on its functionality and available space.

With the tools included in the package, we can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our team. Trouble-free communication and easy sharing of the data we have created are just some of the benefits of implementing this service. If you are interested in implementing such an extremely functional package as G Suite or conducting training, please contact the official Google G Suite partner – Fly On The Cloud . Over 900 implemented companies from all over Europe, technical support in Polish, and assistance in implementation and configuration.

I have the service, we use a 30-person company, I definitely recommend it 🙂


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