Cash loan – 150,000

Cash loan – 150,000

Banks now offer many financial products with which you can make your dreams come true. Do you want to take out a cash loan in the amount of PLN 150,000?

Check which banks offer the most favorable terms of liabilities. How much will the monthly loan installment be (Compare bank offers on)? What earnings do you need to have to get a positive decision?

A cash loan is a commitment that can only be received by a person with adequate creditworthiness. How do banks rate their customers’ ability? Each institution has its own methods of checking the financial situation of potential borrowers, however, there are basic criteria that all banks take into account. This is primarily:

– the amount of monthly income,

– the form of employment (employment contract, running your own business, civil law contracts),

– the amount fixed monthly obligations (loan installments, maintenance expenses, e.g. fixed fees and other obligations, e.g. alimony),

– age and marital status of the borrower (for liabilities of PLN 150 thousand, consent is required spouse to take out a loan),

– the number of dependents.

To get a cash loan of 150 thousand. You also need to have an impeccable credit history. How do banks check whether the client has paid its liabilities on time in the past and did not fall behind with other loans? BIK, i.e. the Credit Information Bureau, which collects data on the behavior of consumers who incur liabilities, comes to the rescue. The higher the scoring (score), the greater the chances of getting a cash loan.

But that’s not all – banks also check debtors’ registers to make sure that the borrower is not blacklisted.

Let’s analyze the cash loan offers in the amount of 150 thousand. zlotys. We will use for the purposes of our statement. As it turns out, the tool shows offers with a maximum loan term of 120 months (10 years). In September 2020, the most advantageous offer could be obtained from the Santander bank. According to the calculator, the monthly installment of the liability is PLN 1,858.56, and the final amount to be repaid – PLN 223,026.62. The remaining parameters of the offer are as follows:

– APRC (actual annual interest rate) – 8.82%,

– interest rate – 7.13%,

– commission – 6.10% (PLN 9150).

Cash loan insurance is not obligatory. A client who decides to incur a liability will pay PLN 63,876.63 in interest.

BNP Paribas’ proposal was next. In this case, the installment is PLN 1,967.97, and the total amount to be repaid – PLN 236,156.88. Here are the other parameters of the liability:

– APRC (actual annual interest rate) – 10.28%,

– interest rate – 7.20%,

– commission – 12.00% (PLN 18,000).

Also in this case, loan insurance is not compulsory, but the customer can purchase it so that the bank reduces the commission to 2%.

Loan cash in the amount of 150 thousand PLN requires adequate earnings from borrowers. According to the creditworthiness calculator, in the case of a liability spread over 60 months, with permanent liabilities of PLN 500 per month and 3 people in the family, a monthly household income of PLN 6,000 is enough to obtain a cash loan. In such a situation, borrowers have a chance to receive a loan of approximately PLN 164,000.

Each client would like to obtain as many installments as possible so that the monthly obligation is low and does not burden the household budget. Unfortunately, in the case of a cash loan, banks usually do not offer a loan period longer than 120 months. Cash loan 150,000 for 15 years or more will therefore be very difficult to obtain. People applying for a mortgage, i.e. a liability secured by real estate, have a greater chance of obtaining a longer repayment period.

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